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01/11/2012 18:51

Miriam, te felicito por tus logros, son extarordianrios.
Te escribo porque estoy buscando una amiga de la infancia que vivia en flores frente a mi casa. Despues que se mudo al barrio de villa del parque nunca mas nos vimos. La busco en face pero no logro ubicarla.
Un cariño grande, te dejo mi mail por si esa amiga que busco sos vos.

raimon erich jaekel
04/27/2012 20:04

Ms. Mirian Conti might well be the Argentine-representation and reincarnation of Ms. Alicia de Larrocha. Nobody has ever recorded Turina's "Sanlucar de Barrameda, Sonata Pintoresca" more poetically, sonically or dramatically than Ms. Conti on her Koch International recording of Turina music, which i believe may be out of print. Then, knowing about her prowess on the keyboard, i purchased her cd entitled "Looking South." It is a wonderful and enticing introduction to several emminent Argentine composers and their contributions to the classicasl keyboard repertoire. Now, my copy of "Ernesto Halffter" [KIC-CD-7751] has arrived at my house and ready to enjoy. Estoy esperando a ganar mucho mas musica en este tema con su calidad e interpretacion. Gracias y buena suerte!

r e jaekel
05/27/2012 17:31

Ms. Conti, it is not easy to get a hold of you with your current publicity staff. Does your agent read inform and commend you with all the positive things people write about you on
the "blog" he has created for you? I held you in the semi-ranks of Alicia de la Rocha when i offered my input months ago. Do you actually think anyone has responded to me from my your ranks? No, and if you wish to be a diva, that is your own decision. I say you should offer a proper and direct link to the public with an opportunity to leave you specific input regarding your current musical offerings and your performance. You have always been highly regarded in my "circulo de bellas artes" but you apparently have no idea how to best manage your talent. Salud!


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